I love what I write, and I love all of you!

Wow! Hard times for smutty, delicious romance. Last week on Twitter I was venting about a post deriding the genre of erotic romance (I won’t link to it) and this week an author is upset because her wildly successful erotic novel is such “trash.” (I won’t link to her either. I try to avoid the interweb dramz.)


This is nothing new. Smut has always been in the closet, sex has always been icky and base, and romance has always been the genre of silly, uneducated ladies, amirite? So put sex and romance together and you have something really, realllly stupid and horrible. I mean, obviously.

GAH! I’m so tired of the snobs!!!

You guys, I just want to take a moment to assure you that I LOVE the genre of erotic romance. I love writing it, I love reading it, and I think it’s FUCKING AWESOME! I love writing stories about people falling in love while also enjoying avid, complex, and copious explicit sex. I love that you buy my stories and enjoy them. I love that you write to me telling me that my books have re-energized your sex life.

I love making you come. I DO!

Sorry for all the exclamation points. I don’t usually rant on the internet but I wanted all my readers to know that I’ve got your back. I don’t judge you for wanting to read erotic romance, and I’m not going to apologize for wanting to write it. I’m ecstatic that I get to spend my days writing dirty romance books and I’m thrilled that so many people want to read those kind of books. This is a reason to CELEBRATE, not wring our hands and shake our heads about readers’ tastes these days.

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I have two pieces of big and exciting career news to share before the end of summer, I hope. I want to yell it out now, because I love you all and I want you to be excited with me, but I’m too superstitious to do so. HA! So I will announce when I can. I also have two books coming up, Waking Kiss in June and Fever Dream in August (Maybe. Don’t hold me to that, lol).

I hope you’ll love them. They’re beautiful and erotic and romantic, and I tried really hard to write a worthy story as well as hot sex.

coming soon

I’ve also got three fun conferences I’m attending: Authors After Dark in August, and Eroticon and the Indie Romance Convention in October. I’m not doing all this because I want to sell cheap trash to all you losers. I’m doing it because I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY GENRE, and I LOVE ALL OF YOU. I can’t wait to touch and hug and talk to my readers, because you all get me. You get what makes erotic romance a wonderful genre. And hey, everyone knows the biggest seller of the last few years by a MILLION JILLION DEGREES was Fifty Shades of Grey which was…wait for it…erotic and romantic.

So I know I’m not the only one who loves erotic romance. I’m pretty damn sure of it. And I’m pretty damn sure I love all of you for supporting what I write.

Now let’s all do a big group hug, ignore the haters, and go read some romantic, sexy smut!!