My “Dark” reads are being featured at two blogs–with giveaways! Check it out!

Just a heads up if you haven’t read Mercy yet, or my Mephisto books.

Five e-copies of Mercy are being given away at Amber’s Reading Room. You can visit her blog here (click!)

There are five days left and as of right now, there are over 700 entries. Are you feeling lucky? Wow, that’s a lot of entries and I’m grateful to Amber for her support and for hosting me on her blog where she does tons of reviews and giveaways.

I’m also grateful to Debra, The Book Enthusiast, for hosting a contest to win my Club Mephisto books. You can go here to enter (click) and also to read my post about the art of writing Master/slave fiction. Over a thousand entries and still two days to go.

Hope you’ll check out these great blogs!

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