So, I guess you could categorize my blogging success on here as DESPERATELY BAD. I haven’t blogged in a few years, but now that I have this new website geared up, I’m attempting a post with some news.

DARK CONTROL’s release went great! I had lots of readers who left reviews for me on Amazon. I’m working on DEEP CONTROL now, which is Devin’s story. I’m so in love with him. Hes soooo sadistic, but so caring and sweet deep on the inside, where a lot’s going on. I still expect to release DEEP CONTROL on January 22, 2018.

After that, I’ll finish one more book in the Dark Dominance series (DANGEROUS CONTROL, Milo’s story), and then I’ll start working on another bodyguard book, as well as the next generation Properly Spanked series.

In other news, my only author appearance in 2018 will be at Shameless Book Con in Orlando, in October. As soon as registration opens, I’ll let you know. Please check it out!

Final thing: the best way to get your Annabel news is still my mailing list. I’m not a spammer, I promise. If you aren’t currently subscribed to my newsletters, please sign up here (CLICK).