Diva (Ironclad Bodyguards #2)

Diva (Ironclad Bodyguards #2)

Kink level: Steamy/ Vanilla   

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In his years at Ironclad, Ransom has built a reputation as a hardass bodyguard. He reels in the perverts, wrangles the mangled, and controls celebrities who are notoriously out of control.

So when a world-famous DJ starts slipping into risky habits, he’s hired to keep her on track during a multi-million-dollar tour. He figures he’ll just knock the diva down a few pegs and scare her straight. Problem is, Lola isn’t easily frightened, and “difficult” doesn’t begin to describe their contentious relationship. The only thing more annoying than their daily fights and power struggles is their intensifying emotional connection.

Ransom’s determined to save her…even if she doesn’t want to be saved.