Royal Discipline (Royal Discipline #1)

Royal Discipline

Kink level: Intense training and punishment, spanking   

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“Absolutely filthy.” – Geoffrey Chaucer

“Rather raunchy for a fairy tale, but we liked it.” – The Brothers Grimm

“Elegantly depraved. I’d love to have them to dinner.” – Lord Byron

“I enjoyed the anal punishments. And the happy ending!” – Vlad the Impaler

“Seriously? I mean, really? He was far too gentle with her.” – Marquis de Sade

There’s a problem in the kingdom of Hastings: the princess is too headstrong and ill-mannered to carry on the royal line. In desperation, the king delivers his daughter to the darkly imposing Duke of Thornton, who promises to correct her behavior through a course of stringent and lowering physical chastisement.

Despite the duke’s harsh disciplinary measures, Princess Violet resists change, and Thornton is soon drawn into an escalating battle of wills with his spirited charge. How far will he go to humble the haughty royal, and put an end to her spoiled behavior? This fairy tale fantasy is a 50k-word tumble into spanking depravity, with a royally satisfying ending.