Saturday Spankings: Training Lady Townsend edition!

Wheee, it’s my first time with #SatSpanks and I’m really excited. I’ve been writing BDSM for a while, but I just released the first book in a four-book historical spanking series called Properly Spanked. It’s called TRAINING LADY TOWNSEND and it’s pure Georgian spanking yumminess. Here’s my eight sentences to entice you.

He jerked up her skirts with his free hand. No traces of her last spanking remained upon her bared buttocks, but that had been a simple introductory spanking. This would be an assertion of dominance, and if he did it correctly, it would leave lingering marks, not just on her bottom but in her memory. He began to punish her rounded globes with sharp, firm spanks.

“Oh! Oww,” she cried, jerking her legs in a useless effort to escape him. “You’re hurting me.”

“Of course I’m hurting you, Aurelia. It’s a spanking. Really, this is by your choice.”

“I didn’t choose this. I didn’t want this marriage. I didn’t want you!” she yelled.


And that’s pretty much how things begin for them, although things improve by the end. Here’s a blurb for Training Lady Townsend, as well as a book video The Literary Gossip blog created for the release. Thanks for visiting!

The Lady Aurelia has been promised in marriage to the Marquess of Townsend since she was four and he was fourteen. Unfortunately, she grew up into a pillar of propriety while her betrothed grew up into a renowned rake. Of course, no one would expect such an unsuitable match to go forward…which is why they find themselves at a loss when circumstances force them to the altar and into each other’s arms.

Hunter, the beleaguered marquess, believes he’ll survive the uneven match by continuing to frequent his well-trained coterie of whores and courtesans, but Aurelia’s powerful father has other ideas. When he blocks Hunter’s access to the only women shameless enough to cater to his decadent needs, the marquess informs his new wife that something will have to be done.

That “something” will be the immediate commencement of her erotic training…whether she wants it or not.

This 70K word novel contains acts of punishment and discipline, anal play, and other sensual practices.

The Properly Spanked Series
#1 Training Lady Townsend
#2 To Tame A Countess
#3 My Naughty Minette
#4 Under A Duke’s Hand

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