Saturday Spanks: To Tame A Countess

Saturday Spanks: To Tame A Countess

I’m so excited you’ve stopped by, because To Tame A Countess, the second book in my Properly Spanked series, comes out next week and we’re gonna celebrate the yumminess!



In #SatSpanks tradition, I’m going to give you a little eight line teaser, and the blurb (and a preorder buy link, YAY!)

“You spanked me just now,” she pointed out. “And before, in the woods, you used a switch on me, and that really hurt.”

“Yes, and I stopped after five middling strokes, because you were teetering on the edge of utter disintegration. At any rate, you needed to be punished because you’d done a bad thing, and you felt terrible about it. There are logical, practical reasons behind the act of corporal punishment. Sometimes a man’s got to dole out a spanking or switching to make a fussing woman come around.”

“A fussing woman?” She ruffled up like an angry cat.

“Do not become peevish again, Josephine. You remember what happened, oh, five minutes ago.”

Haha. I love these two. Anytime a hot man in a cravat is taming a wild countess, you know it’s gonna be a good read. I had fun writing To Tame A Countess and I hope you’ll pick it up, and also read the first book in the series, Training Lady Townsend.

Blurb for To Tame A Countess, now available for preorder at Amazon (click!):

Take a rousing romp through 1790s England with this second of four Properly Spanked novels…

The Earl of Warren never considered himself the heroic type—or the marrying type. Unfortunately, while attempting to save the mysterious Lady Maitland from the clutches of a degenerate fortune hunter, he ends up shackled to her himself.

It was never in the plans, and worse, his bride doesn’t want him. Rather than feel grateful, Josephine begs to be released from the marriage so she can accomplish her dearest goal—to be left alone. Troubled by an unconventional childhood, scarred by painful memories, Josephine acts out until Warren has no choice but to begin a disciplinary program to bring her to heel.

Although his spankings are firm, painful, and plentiful, he makes little progress in taming his wild countess. But her wildness pleases him in the bedroom, where they spend hours at uninhibited play, fulfilling licentious and carnal lusts. While Josephine struggles to understand her feelings toward her authoritative husband, Warren must decide if having a tame wife is worth the anguish of damaging her already vulnerable heart.

This 82K word novel contains acts of punishment and discipline, anal play, sado-masochism, and other sensual practices.

The Properly Spanked Series

#1 Training Lady Townsend

#2 To Tame A Countess

#3 My Naughty Minette

#4 Under A Duke’s Hand

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    A fussing woman always needs to be spanked.

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