The TNEE post

The TNEE post

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or especially Instagram, then you know that I attended the first annual TNEE last weekend (TNEE stands for The Novel Experience Event).

As always when I attend these things, I am dying of nervousness and stress in the days leading up to it, and then I have a blast. You can see me here being nervous, happy, excited and slightly dorky as I wait for the book signing to begin. There were SO MANY AUTHORS!


I got to talk to a bunch of wonderful readers and even a few AJ fangirls, which was so amazing. There were many smiles. Also, I TOTALLY GOT A PICTURE WITH MICHAEL FASSBENDER*!


*not really a picture with Michael Fassbender

After the book signing it was on to a Badass Books, BDSM Authors party dreamed up by the lovely Bianca Sommerland. Me, Candace Blevins, and Sasha White all hosted too. There was dancing and karaoke, raffle tickets and baskets full of sex toys, and perhaps most importantly, extremely fine models-for-hire applying temporary tattoos to the guest’s bodies. I’m just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves.

 IMG_3463 IMG_3466 IMG_3469

Here’s an awesome lady named Mandy flipping me off while she gets double team tattooed. (Don’t act like you wouldn’t want the exact same thing.)


In fact, here’s me getting the exact same thing. They’re all like, holding me down and forcing me to get double-tattooed. Okay, not really but it was a fun fantasy…



I love the look on these lovely ladies’ faces!!


I kind of had the same look when I was in the model sandwich…and Jared and Henrique were the best. They had muscles and all that. Not to objectify them or anything. Okay, who am I kidding?


There was also mad dancing with some of the craziest, most wonderful party guests anyone could ever have wished for.


Right in the middle of the party, I saw a woman wearing an I Like Naughty Books AJ shirt that she had gotten earlier at the book signing, and of course I ran over and attacked her with a happy hug and made her be in a picture with me.


I was super glad I went to TNEE and I’m super glad we hosted the party, even though I was nervous as crazyballs. If you ever have a chance to come out to a conference I would love to see you! My next appearance will be on the Think Track at Frolicon in Atlanta, GA, over Easter weekend. More info here (click).

Then from August 6-10, I’ll be at Authors After Dark Romance Convention 2014 in Charlotte, NC. This will be my second AAD, and there are already plans in the works for some special BDSM themed events.

Finally, I’ll be heading to the west coast for the first time to participate in KallypsoCon 2014 with Kallypso Masters, Lexi Blake, Eliza Gayle, Kennedy Layne, Red Phoenix, and Cherise Sinclair. KallypsoCon is taking place October 10-12 in Everett, WA (near Seattle.) It’ll be a reader-focused event with meals, panels, BDSM demos, book signings, and other fun stuff. Registration slots are limited so if you want to come hang out with us at this intimate convention, be sure to register ASAP. What a line up!

Thanks for reading about my TNEE adventures! Next year it’s in Las Vegas and I won’t be able to attend but you can learn more about the future event by visiting the TNEE Facebook page here.