Will you be at Authors After Dark this year? Please read!

Dear lovely friends who will be at AUTHORS AFTER DARK this year in Charlotte:

I wanted to let you know about some more “intimate” (heh heh) hang out opportunities at AAD. Please read the following and if you think you might want to participate in any of the stuff, then message me privately on FB, Twitter, or email with a phone number where you can receive texts (if possible) so I can keep everyone in the loop while AAD is going on. My email is annabeljosephnovels@gmail.com 😀

Here’s what I have planned (above and beyond the official AAD stuff):

Wednesday: A late dinner after Joey Hill and Sasha White’s trivia hour ends at 9pm. I’m thinking Buffalo Wild Wings since they’re open til 1am. It’s less than a half mile from the hotel, in the NASCAR complex.

Thursday: There’s going to be a BIG BDSM authors and readers meet-up right after the Bookie Awards, in the Bar 10 Terrace area at the hotel. You’ll definitely want to be there. Prizes, fun, etc!

bdsm meetup AAD graphic

Afterwards, feel free to follow me upstairs for drinks, snacks, and Cards Against Humanity silliness in my suite.

Friday: Would love to go out to dinner (dutch treat) with whoever’s interested. No dinner planned with AAD, so I was thinking about walking over to Red Ginger for some Hibachi, from 6-8 PM. (It’s only 1/3 mile from the hotel.) Afterward we can all head to the Leather and Lace party together to eat dessert and hang out!

Saturday: This is the night of my big Sins and Virtues Ball. If you’re not sitting at a table yet, be sure to follow the link in your registration email to sign up for my CHASTITY table (lol.) We’ll have dinner at the ball, party for a while, and if everyone feels like it, we can head back up to my hotel suite for some late night chat and end of convention drinks. Maybe even another round of Cards Against Humanity.

So those are my big plans. We couldn’t arrange a ghost walk this year (and we’d never beat the Savannah Ghost Walk anyway) but I definitely DEFINITELY want to have some small group bonding time with my readers who make it out to Charlotte. So message me, write me, whatever, or catch me at the conference and tell me what you’re interested in doing so we’ll be sure to include you. I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking about everything too.

ONE LAST THING: If you want me to reserve a FREE shirt for you so you’re sure to get one, email me and let me know. I have sizes S-2xl that run slightly fitted (maybe size up), and then size 2xl-5xl that are standard sized. Let me know what you  need and I’ll put your name on it. I have a limited amount and I don’t want ANY of my readers to come up short.

YAYYY!! Authors After Dark is coming up so soon! And don’t forget I’m going to be at KallypsoCon in the Seattle area in October, and I’ll try to set up some similar small group fun for that.

Also, if you couldn’t make AAD this year, don’t forget I’ll be in Atlanta next year for AAD 2015! I’m already making plans. 😀